Imaging Processing Projects at The RND Group

The medical industry has a wide array of applications for image acquisition and processing. While the most common types are X-ray, MRI, and ultrasound images, applications can benefit patients in lesser-known areas, as well. From early tooth decay detection, to cell identification using microscopy images, medical device image processing is a vital part of quality healthcare.

Reflections on the RND Group Internship

Internships are a very interesting part of the college education experience. While they are not mandatory, I was told that they are the key to success for one’s future career. Hearing that two years ago, as an incoming freshman, definitely put some stress onto my shoulders.

Blockchain and Healthcare

Does blockchain have a role in transforming healthcare? The focus of this article is to offer a few objective thoughts about this question as well as to provide a few use cases for which blockchain might be used in healthcare

Go West Young Man

I’ve never lived outside of Indiana before and had only visited San Diego twice, but when I heard the plans for a West coast office, I was terrified!  But the more I thought about it, the better it sounded.  I was still (relatively) young, no wife or children to transplant, and it felt like the kind of shake up I needed.