LIS Library
RND’s client needed a full LIS implementation for their instruments.  Our client needed full bi-directional support and the implementation needed to be reused on multiple devices.
RND specified, architected, and implemented a full bidirectional LIS interface.  This implementation supported both ASTM 1394/1381 and HL7.  It also supported TCP/IP, serial, and file based transports.  A clear interface was designed and developed that supported easy integration to multiple instruments.

Capabilities Applied

  • FDA Part 820, Part 11
  • ISO 13485, HIPAA Quality System
  • Requirements Management
  • Project Management
  • Software Verification


  • Instrument/Analyzers
  • WPF User Intefaces
  • LIS Integration

Technologies Used

  • HL7 v2.6 ASTM 1394/1381 Can be extended for different protocols