Rheonix Partners with The RND Group to Assist with Encompass


Rheonix, Inc., is a privately owned molecular diagnostic equipment manufacturer that produces the Encompass family of workstations. The workstations have two initial market-specific deployments – the Encompass MDx® workstation for detection of human disease conditions for the healthcare clinical testing industry and the Encompass Optimum™ workstation for detection of spoilage organisms and pathogens for the food and beverage industry. The workstations are very versatile and also have been successfully demonstrated for other molecular testing applications, such as genotyping and library preparation for Next-Gen DNA sequencing. The key selling features of the Encompass family of workstations are its automation, versatility, ease of use, and low per-test cost of operation.

The RND Group was referred to Rheonix by the hardware integration vendor, KeyTech, whom Rheonix had selected for mechanical and usability engineering assistance for the Workstations. At the time (late 2013), Rheonix was searching for a software partner who had expertise in writing software for medical devices and regulated industries. The RND Group worked successfully with Rheonix and KeyTech to define, design, and build the original workstation. Since completion of the original workstation, the Encompass MDx®, The RND Group has also completed design and implementation of software for the Encompass Optimum™ workstation. The RND Group is currently engaged with Rheonix for evolving and maintaining software for both workstation platforms.

The RND Group provided full life cycle software services to Rheonix, including analysis, requirements definition, software design, software implementation, and software unit and integration testing, using design control procedures expected by the FDA. The result of this cooperative effort with Rheonix is a software application that is state of the art in terms of user interface and functionality. For the initial project The RND Group’s focus was on the software used to manage the workstation, including the user interface, workflow, data management, reporting, and service management aspects. The RND Group defined a messaging interface to communicate with the workstation’s low-level EncompassCore software, which was developed by Rheonix. The RND Group also provided an API abstraction layer for the Festo XYZ directional motion controller hardware which was incorporated into the EncompassCore software.

The RND Group has worked with the leading companies in the medical device industry since 1997. The RND Group fully understands the rigor required in designing, developing, documenting, and testing products that are regulated by the FDA. The RND Group has applied that rigor to the software engineering support it has provided for countless product development efforts, and The RND Group can point with pride to products that have been successfully introduced into the medical device marketplace.

Capabilities Applied

  • FDA Part 820, Part 11
  • ISO 13485, HIPAA, IEC 62304
  • software life cycle
  • Windows development
  • API definition and development
  • embedded development
  • hardware integration to Festo CMMO and EXCM
  • requirements development and management
  • project management
  • software verification


  • instrument/analyzers
  • Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation WPF user interfaces
  • JavaFX user interfaces
  • algorithm analysis
  • remote diagnostics
  • firmware/embedded devices
  • sockets-based, cross-platform messaging API development

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft WPF + Prism
  • Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM)
  • C#
  • JavaFX
  • Java
  • Gradle
  • ZeroMQ (distributed messaging)
  • XML
  • SQL