Tim DeFrench

President & founder

Tim contributes more than 30 years of managing and engineering experience to The RND Group. After working for 10 years at a number of software product and software consulting firms, he founded our company in 1996.

Building business relationships is Tim’s passion, and he’s always motivated to help those partnerships endure. His clear values and accountability support each of his commitments.

Due to his clients’ success stories, Tim has become a recognized expert and trusted advisor in Medical Device Software Development. Outside of the office, he enjoys attending church and community activities with his family and wife Judy.

Stephanne Flint

vice president of software

Stephanne specializes in Medical Device Software Development designing and developing software that adheres to The RND Group’s stringent quality system. Her understanding of ISO 13485 and FDA compliancy make her an excellent partner for bringing medical devices to market.

In a previous role, Stephanne functioned as lead engineer and led a distributed team of software engineers, systems engineers, test organizations, and other experts.

Clients appreciate Stephanne’s follow-through to manage and develop projects on-time and within budget. Outside of the office, Stephanne enjoys spending time with her family and husband Kent.

Tom Gardner

vice President of Business development

Tom has over 30 years of IT experience, and his knowledge has proved to be invaluable to our company. His primary focus is to identify new clients and markets that can benefit from The RND Group’s Medical Device Software Development solutions.

Prior to joining our team, Tom served as president with an IT consulting firm. He has always been interested in developing close client relationships, and he appreciates every opportunity to help solve business problems through valued partnerships.

Outside of the office, Tom and his wife Deb enjoy competing in endurance sports together. They also volunteer with organizations to help the homeless and fight poverty.

Cathy Wilburn

Director of quality assurance & compliance

Cathy has over 20 years of experience in software engineering and management. In her role at The RND Group, Cathy is focused on keeping RND’s Quality Management System up to date with current revisions of FDA’s Quality System Regulations and guidance documents, as well as international standards such as ISO 13485, ISO 14971, and IEC 62304.

Cathy also audits client quality management systems to assess their adherence to relevant regulations and standards and provides her expertise in establishing and updating missing and non-compliant procedures and templates.

Outside of the office, Cathy enjoys spending time with her family and husband Troy.

Brad Graves

principal & project leader

Brad has over 30 years of experience in various software development and consulting roles. He has worked in healthcare software for the past 15 years, with the last 10 spent at RND Group managing medical device software development projects.

Brad performs multiple roles at RND Group, including project management, regulatory consulting, technology consulting, and sales and marketing.

Outside of the office, Brad enjoys traveling with his wife, Terri, playing golf, and spending time with his 3 children and their families.

Matt Verner

Project leader

Matt has been with RND Group for over 20 years and has dual responsibilities for managing customer projects and managing IT infrastructure for RND Group. In his customer project responsibilities, Matt serves as the project leader and software architect for a blood analyzer instrument for use in large laboratory environments.

Prior to RND Group, Matt worked for IBM/Tivoli as a software engineer and software development manager.

Outside of the office, Matt enjoys reading works on history and theology, woodworking, playing disk golf and generally spending time with his family.

Chris Gray

Project Leader

Chris has been with RND Group for over 10 years. While at RND Group he has successfully lead numerous project through the different phases of the product life cycle. Chris brings a strong background in software quality assurance to the projects that he manages.

Chris has been in the technology industry since 1992 with the majority of his work focused on delivery of medical device products in regulated environments.

Outside of the office, Chris enjoys hiking, motor sports, and spending time with his family.

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