The RND Group Builds Cloud Solution for Infectious Disease Surveillance and Reporting

Software in the cloud

The RND Group worked with an industry-leading molecular diagnostics instrument company to provide a cloud-based product.

This product needed robust software that could allow the users of the device to perform a multitude of functions to be successful. The software was designed to:

  • Provide users the ability to view and report on de-identified patient test result data, quality control data, and calibration data.

The developed cloud solution also is used by public healthcare organizations to track and monitor trending data for various types of contagious diseases.

Why they chose RND

An executive manager at the medical device company recommended The RND Group based off a past relationship stemming from a previous successful project. The new company was looking for a software partner with an expertise in writing FDA-regulated software and experience in developing and deploying cloud-based software solutions.

This company recognized that a cloud-based infectious disease surveillance and data reporting solution was both a strategic need for their instrument hardware and a competitive differentiator for their instrument products.

What RND Delivered

The RND Group developed and deployed a pilot cloud-based surveillance and data reporting solution in less than 6 months. This cloud-based solution has grown from a pilot, proof-of-concept project, to a mission-critical cloud solution that provides analysis and viewing of millions of test results.

Public health organizations, such as the CDC (Center for Disease Control), rely on the cloud-based system to support their mission of monitoring and managing the public’s health, with the CDC receiving a feed of infectious disease reporting data daily from the cloud solution.

The cloud solution currently has hundreds of active users, with adoption increasing daily.

Full Life Cycle Services

The RND Groupprovidedfull life cycle software services to this leading instrument company in the development of the cloud solution. These include:

  • Analysis
  • Requirements definition
  • Software design
  • Software implementation
  • Software verification
  • Software unit and integration testing
  • Deployment and management of the solution to the cloud.

The result of this cooperative effort is a cloud solution developed using design control procedures required by the FDA, that is state of the art in terms of use of cloud technology, web-based user interface and functionality.

Continued Support

The solution developed by The RND Group includes integration with the private, third-party device cloud, a full-service consumer web site, and a cloud-based integration service that is responsible for data import, data export, and API services.

The architecture chosen has allowed the project to successfully transition from pilot usage to high volume data importing/exporting and high numbers of concurrent users. The RND Group is actively maintaining and enhancing the cloud solution and participates with the instrument company’s IT staff in managing the cloud solution.

With over 20 years of experience in regulated software engineering, we’ve built a heritage and reputation for building specialized software with precision and care. The RND Group can point with pride to products that have been successfully introduced into the medical device marketplace

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Capabilities Applied

FDA Part 820, Part 11

multi-cloud development and deployment

ISO 13485, HIPAA, IEC 62304

API definition and development

requirements development and management

software life cycle processes

third party API integration

project management

software verification


Web user interfaces

integration with third party APIs for geospatial data display and postal address lookup

Azure cloud service interfaces

HTTP REST API definition and usage

Technologies Used

Azure Web Roles

Azure Blob storage



Azure SQL Database

Azure Worker Roles

Azure Table storage




Azure Service Bus






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